Two Time 
Academy Award Nominee Bruce Dern as C.W. Nation "Pop Pop"
Emmy Award Winner 
Gil Bellows as Josip
Crystal Reel Award 
Winner Krista Grotte Saxon as Gloria Nation
Multi-Award winning writer & Director
Thomas J. Churchill
Academy Award & Emmy Award Winning Executive Producing Team

"Talk about a WEALTH of beautifully delivered supporting roles in a film (Nation's Fire)"

-One Film Fan Movie Critic

"An exciting Thriller"

-Critical Review by Aced magazine

"Krista Grotte Saxon has made a bid for stardom with Nation’s Fire.

There’s always a need for another action character in the business and in Nation’s Fire she shows her stuff."-Critical review by Aced Magazine

"Debate over gender and the amount of sturdy parts for female driven narratives is raging at present in entertainment circles, but films like BOMBSHELL and LITTLE WOMEN are at least trying to heighten the potential using established actresses and assured source material.

It will probably be the independent film sector that will continue to yield those key performances – and a new release attempts to at least give equal rein to a main female protagonist that most of us would take for granted if it was a male in a popular action film like a ROAD HOUSE or a STONE COLD. Nation's Fire is a little uneven at times, but Thanks to Krista Grotte Saxon's lead performance as Gloria is elevated to a refreshing perspective on a well-worn genre. "- Movie Critic John Higgins Filmandtvnow



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Gloria Nation (Krista Grotte Saxon), the leader of an all-female motorcycle club called Heaven’s Fire, abandons her gang to raise her son when her husband (Chuck Liddell) goes to prison. Meanwhile, certain members of their all-male counterpart gang, Reino de la Furia, which her father (Bruce Dern) started many years ago, establish an underground drug ring led by a known gangster Josip (Gil Bellows).  When Gloria’s son killed in a violent school shooting, and is mistakenly named as the shooter, the new leaders of Heaven’s Fire (Kristen Renton) and Reino de la Furia (David Castro) must team up and rally behind Gloria and ex-Marine Bailey (Paul Sloan) to seek retaliation against Josip for her son’s death and to clear his name.

Quote from Academy Award Nominee Bruce Dern:

"Nation's Fire IS going to get the folks' attention, not just folks that go to biker movies, but ALL people. People of all ages. People who want to know why we behave the way we do in times of crisis...

This movie is Lightning in a Bottle."

Bruce Dern as C.W. Nation in Nation's Fire
(Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time In Hollywood)
Bruce is a Two-Time Academy Award Nominee. Three-time Golden Globe Nominee. Primetime Emmy Nominee. Cannes Film Festival Winner. Hollywood Film Award Winner for his role in Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight. Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient and... the first man to kill John Wayne in a movie. With a film acting career that spans over 60 years, working with the best in the business, and as A straightforward guy, WHO UNDERSTANDS BIKER CULTURE, this says it All about Nation's Fire.



"What pushes this film Nation's Fire over the competition is the recklessness of the plot, the acting and a Director (Thomas J. Churchill) who’s knee deep in the Genre. Working with some notables like Bruce Dern, Gil Bellows, Lou Ferrigno Jr., Kristen Renton and the up and coming Krista Grotte Saxon who steals the show, Thomas J. Churchill brings a good offering." -Aced Magazine, Movie critic review by John Delia


Thomas J. Churchill






Associate Producer

Robert Ori

Krista Grotte Saxon

Jerry Roberts

Hollywood Media Bridge



Alexis Iacano


Mitch Parks

Chris Woods


Executive & Post Production Supervisor

Binh Dang

Featuring Music By

Kelly Lynn Reiter

Elvis Monroe

Black Star Whiskey

Tommy Roxx


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     Nation's Fire differs from other movies because it shows the heart of bikers, not just
the stereotypes. All true bikers know that there is no other community on the planet
with more heart than the biker community. There are many communities who the average
world may feel is more giving, but those communities file for a tax credit with their donation.   
Bikers donate their time, protection and money out of pure love, care and want nothing in return. 
You see outlaw motorcyclists buying gifts for needy children for Christmas. Bike runs are done all
over the world where thousands of groups gather, donate and ride for children charities, for veteran charities and for loved ones lost. Thousands of veterans wounded in battle have received limbs from biker communities coming together and giving their last few dollars, to change lives. We appreciate our heroes. You want to know why we all root for the underdog and all kids? Because majority were that underdog. Most of us come from a place of pain in the history of our life. We have empathy and want to see the underdog overcome struggles like we have. We can relate.
   All bikers will tell you that we are human, with families and careers. We are just a different breed when it comes to much of societal views, beliefs and hypocrisy. Bikers separate themselves because they own their defects. They will slam a beer or not if they don't want to and they own who they are. Nobody in the biker community is going to explain who they are to anybody. I know I'm not. 
   Our movie is different because the women aren't portrayed as broken people just snorting coke, getting raped and taking a beating for speaking her mind. That is not the reality. People think it is, but no way. The ladies are important to their men.   
   Nation's Fire focuses on two clubs, a female club and a male club, who are one big dysfunctional family, 
just like all of America and all of the world. The only difference is, we are right there being real all the way. The ladies club has issues they deal with, the men's club has issues they deal with. When tragedy strikes and hits them in the heart, they fall apart and come together stronger than ever. Only the true bikers, the true loyalists, the real family is left standing. Some of that family happen to be women. We all have a woman in our life that we know has our back through thick or thin. She is ride or die, she will give her life for her family. It could be your mother, your sister, your daughter, your lady or your wife. Vice versa for the men whom will risk his life protecting his family. Be there for the needy and weed out the phony. 
This is the story of the biker culture and this is Nation's Fire. 
Krista Grotte Saxon
Please enjoy the official music video of Nation's Fire , America is Nothing Without the red white and Blue
by Black Star Whiskey.

Executive Producer TeKnocentric Productions

                    Krista Grotte Saxon


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