Nation's Fire is an original cinematic experience designed to entertain you and audience's worldwide. A timeless adventure with twists and turns at every corner.   

The leader of an all-female motorcycle club abandons her gang to raise her son. Meanwhile, certain members of their all-male counterpart gang establish  an underground drug ring led by a ruthless criminal. When her son is killed in a school shooting caused by the drugs and he is named as the shooter, the leaders of both clubs rally to seek retaliation for her son's death and to clear his name. 


STARRING: Krista Grotte Saxon (Check Point), Gil Bellows (Patriot), Bruce Dern (Nebraska, Once upon a time in hollywood), Paul Sloan (The Scorpion King), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (S.W.A.T), Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy), Laurene Landon (Agramon’s Gate), Tom Proctor (Guardians of the Galaxy), Kyle Lowder (Days of Our Lives), Wyatt Walter (Shameless)

DIRECTED BY: Thomas Churchill

PRODUCED BY: Carmine Famiglietti, Thomas Churchill

GENRE(S): Action, Thriller, * New Releases

YEAR: 2019



Nation's Fire consists of an ensemble of characters who were all written by Thomas Churchill based upon unbelievable, real twisted characters & challenges we had experienced in our own world. Each character is symbolic in a disturbing truth.      

The struggles of the characters are inspired by situations of tragedy, struggle, betrayal, strength, insanity, family bond, hope and heroism.

This is not a typical biker film. There is not an outlaw biker film like Nation's Fire anywhere in cinematic history. You don't have to ride to experience the rush of Nation's Fire, but you might after the credits roll!      




Nation's Fire was developed with the clear understanding that art, film, music is all subjective, however, what resides within the human soul is universal.

TeKnocentric Productions' Mission is to consistently deliver technically superior, psychological, sensory driven films while entertaining and shocking audiences worldwide. 

Our vision is for you to walk away from our films with an extreme desire to call your friends, with pure emotion in your voice, to tell them you enjoyed the movie.