Krista Grotte Saxon Producer Statement on Nation's Fire

                    Why Nation’s Fire? Why Gloria Nation?


   As a girl who was a street kid and ward of the state at age fourteen, I survived with nothing but the concrete under my feet and the hoodie on my back. I know a thing or two about survival, starvation, danger and the unpredictability of humanity. I have been forced to hunt alone, seek shelter from the cold while going hungry with no resources. Just like Gloria, I fought my way out of situations. I survived in scary worlds determined to take me down. I focused and have come a long way. Today, as an Actress, Executive Producer and businesswoman, I still survive in a world determined to take me down. This industry and so many people in it are just as brutal as the firing of rounds showcased in our action movies. As an artist, it doesn’t stop me from dedicating my life to performance and telling stories. I am a woman who has embraced being a lone wolf while maintaining a pack mentality. I am so thankful as these adversities and struggles have blessed me with survival skills, strength, leadership, maternal instincts, loyalty, business ethic and empathy for others, just like Gloria Nation. I earned the right to be here.


On my personal journey I headed to Florida. I had continued to try to find myself a “family” in which I could fit in. The motorcycle community was that family who took me in, loved me unconditionally and pushed me to stop numbing myself and change for the better. The source of that family happened to be a big, bad outlaw motorcycle club. Sometimes the stand-up people who have your back, push you to be your best and see your true potential, are whom the world would least expect. That’s why I wanted this story setting to be within the motorcycle culture.

In life, we have no idea what our fellow people have truly been through. If we simply asked them and listened, we would always sit down in amazement and gain new respect as they share their story. When people hear my personal story, I get that reaction every single time. 


  When Thomas Churchill, Ron Galletti and I set out to create this concept, my goal was to release the pain of my journey through Gloria. With this movie, my goal is to show strong women in the same light as the strong men who stand beside us. My goal is to show metaphoric truth in life obstacles. This movie is about men, women, unity, chaos and what we would do to protect our pack. It is about equality of all people, it is about emotion, character, family, trust, loss, controversy, insanity, greed, loyalty, respect, growth and love. Thomas Churchill captured all of it in this screenplay. 

   This is a movie that is completely unique and different. It may take people time to accept that there is a female motorcycle club in it along with controversial content. Let’s get real, us women can go bake cookies, if we choose to, after we wake up every day, strap up our boots and handle the world like soldiers.

    Throughout the making of this movie, us producers got knocked down every step of the way. For three long years, we faced unbelievable challenges that we never saw coming. There will be a whole book on that, you can find that in the thriller section. The character I developed throughout my personal journey gave me the strength to persevere through the impossible and complete this high budget production with my dedicated partners Bob Ori and Jerry Roberts. 


   With a product so public, we expect to get some ridicule by critics. However, when they do write about it, good or bad, it is a compliment. Their job is to find content and create drama to get attention and clicks. I compare it to politicians fighting to take each other down for their own personal reasons. Dogs don’t bark at parked bikes. The publicity shows us that we are moving and shaking up the industry. This is just another part of the game we must deal with in our quest to deliver a powerful and timeless story to you, the audience. The acknowledgement of our creation tells us that we have done something right. We have a dream team of talent in this movie, nobody has the power to take that away.

   Now to answer the question of, Why Nation’s Fire? My own life inspired Nation’s Fire. Loved ones we tragically lost inspired Nation’s Fire. Our writer and director Thomas Churchill’s life inspired Nation’s Fire. Ron Galletti and Born to Ride inspired Nation’s Fire. Our motorcycle nation of unity inspired Nation’s Fire. Real world issues inspired Nation’s Fire. Our beloved hero Veterans inspired Nation’s Fire. Edge of your seat action and drama inspired Nation’s Fire. Kick Ass Women inspired Nation's Fire. You and someone in your life inspired Nation’s Fire.

I thank you and hope you enjoy the film.  

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