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"The indie Nation’s Fire is not half bad considering what’s playing on the crowded cable systems that are getting very competitive for the VOD market. But, what pushes this film over the competition is the recklessness of the plot, the acting and a director who’s knee deep in the Genre. Working with some notables like Bruce Dern, Gil Bellows, Lou Ferrigno Jr., Kristen Renton and the up and coming Krista Grotte who steals the show, Thomas J. Churchill brings a good offering. The film plays out to an older crowd that likes high powered action and not a lot of superfluous dialogue. But, most anyone from 21 to 60 should enjoy all the chaos and revenge... continue reading review here.

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"Krista Grotte Saxon has made a bid for stardom with Nation’s Fire. There’s always a need for another action character in the business and in Nation’s Fire she shows her stuff. The film gets very chaotic for her character Gloria, especially when the Russian mob is responsible for her son’s death. Diving in head first as the single mom in a rage, her fighting style looks believable, her attitude perfect for the woman who has lived a tough life and showing her revenge face she’s a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Give her a thriller flick with a hefty budget and she should rival some of the current action stars."

First, the Recap:

A crusade for retribution. An all too common reaction when being so drastically wronged by another that all one’s focus can remain on is seeing the source of the pain suffer and face the cost of their choices. Yet, could it also be said that true satisfaction when seeking then attaining this is questionable, for will the void caused by our loss be fully erased or still leave us hollow? Gloria Nation (Krista Grotte Saxon) just wishes to live a life of success and peace through her multiple means of employment, the company of friends within the biker community she treasures, finding freedom from her troubled ex-husband Vito (Chuck Liddell), and enjoying the time with her kind-hearted son Thomas (Wyatt Walter). However, when circumstances involving local criminal elements lead by the ruthless Josip (Gil Bellows) cause a devastating interruption to her path, Gloria reaches out to her former biker friends Rita (Kristen Renton), Lexi (Eva Ceja), and J-Girl (Kelly Lynn Reiter) to exact their own form of justice.


Next, my Mind:

This critic continues to be amazed when realizing that the wonder and success that is independent cinema manifests not through mega-budgets, overblown egos, and CGI-only visuals blasting us as film viewers ’til being so overtly tired of the unoriginality and lack of quality that we simply tune out, but rather sheer grit, perseverance, belief, love for the art of filmmaking, narrative, character development, and sincere commitment in heart to deliver the best possible results to illustrate this resolve, all while providing some solid entertainment to boot. That’s ultimately what gets delivered here through this revenge thriller from writer/director/producer Thomas J. Churchill that carries itself with a tone, pacing, and manner that unapologetically stands firm for what it is and holds nothing back in presenting the story of one woman’s quest for retaliation after a brutal act of violence rocks her world to the core.

Very much reminding this critic of efforts like William Wayne’s “Lost Angelas” or Usher Morgan’s “Pickings“, it’s a highly straight-forward, uncomplicated execution here, providing a visually smooth experience while maintaining an atmosphere that focuses on the theme of familial relationships past and present, how they affect who we’ve become, and the ways we then pass it along to our own families while additionally exploring the concepts of loyalty, healing of broken friendships, trying to separate ourselves from negative influences, helping others, desire for justice in the face of loss, and good old fashioned good vs. evil. Initially, the pacing of the story was a tad slow for me, as while it was relatively clear the overall, underlying path events were flowing towards, the journey to get to the truly pivotal point of transition and action was a bit disjointed at times, perhaps in trying to fill in the backstory of several groups of characters before they all converge to create the film’s quite over-the-top, often outright gory, violence-laden finale to put a bluntly definitive though necessary exclamation point on the proceedings. The actual final sequence in the effort is touching and visually impressive to cap things off.   ...Continue to full review  here.

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"Talk about a WEALTH of beautifully delivered supporting roles in a film (Nation's Fire), this is one whopper of a list, ALL are very much individuals whose characters actually do have purposeful parts to play in the story, including veteran Bruce Dern as Gloria’s biker-club father whose life lessons and approach she very much desires to model, Laurene Landon as Gloria’s trailer-living lush of a mother Myra who might have a heart of gold underneath, former UFC-er Liddell as Gloria’s deadbeat, imprisoned ex Vito whose luck most likely won’t change for the better, Walter as Gloria’s son Thomas whose good-hearted, do-the-right-thing ways reflect his mother’s success in raising him but could also get him into unexpected trouble, Ceja as the biker chick Lexi who supports and defends Gloria’s cause to Rita, Reiter as J-Girl, a “cute on the surface” club member with a violent streak when push comes to shove, Cleo Fraser as Georgia, a young girl Thomas has a connection with and who becomes a key player as events unfold, David Castro as biker President Alfonso who causes his fair share of trouble, and  CeCe Kelly as Josip’s daughter Corrina who likewise ends up a major catalyst in how things turn south."

"(Krista Grotte) Saxon sells us from the start in her role as Gloria Nation, a tough-as-nails yet level-headed, doting single mother who works very hard to provide for her much-beloved son while trying to raise him up more in the image of her biker father than her maligned, alcoholic mother whom she barely manages to tolerate. Saxon nails the performance with conviction and steadfast bravado that makes it utterly impossible to not root for her character."

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