The Stunters of Nation's Fire

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Tom Proctor- Tom's ability to deliver a powerful performance is not affected, but rather drawn from his real life experience. He grew up in the remote, unpopulated canyons of the Rocky Mountains doing things most of us only see in movies, like riding horses, breaking wild mustangs, driving cattle and training wild animals. He became a sponsored motorcycle racer and a world champion MMA fighter. He traveled the world in the occupation of bodyguard and "executive protection". But Tom's life-long dream was always set on becoming a filmmaker, and he made that dream come true and he figured out how to bridge the gap between reality and film by seeing the world through a camera lens: as grip, gaffer, camera operator, second unit director, director of photography, producer and director. His physical power, strength, agility and coordination are legendary, and his stunt resume impressive. His commitment to acting training led Tom to immerse himself in classes, workshops, private coaching, linguistics, improvisation, comedy, and Meisner techniques.

The Productions take on Tom Proctor: Love Him! This man is a beast of Incredible strength and power. He handled stunts, bikes, and fight training as well as being a great actor. Hes a machine working from start to finish. Tom has it all and Krista cannot wait to fight train more and keep learning from him on future productions!


Danny Epper Assistant Stunt Coordinator for Nation's Fire. 

Danny was born in 1962. He is known for his work on Killer Joe (2011), Strange Days (1995) and Waterworld (1995)  The Walking Dead, Need for Speed, Django Unchained.

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Cody Renee Cameron

While working at Hooters in college, she was discovered by Playboy and began a career in modeling. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She has studied at Lesly Kahn, Upright Citizens Brigade, Studio C Artists, and trained for stunts with Iron Arm Shields LLC. She is most recognized for her quirky sexy characters on tv shows like HBO's Ballers and The Deuce as well as iconic cult classic scenes like in Nicolas Refn's The Neon Demon. She also stunt rides for characters such as in Thunder Levin's Geo Disasters. Cody is an awesome mix between Anna Farris in House Bunny and Pamela Anderson in Barbwire. Keep an eye out for her on the big screen.

The Productions take on Cody:  Brilliant. This woman took on some glass in the face in some dangerous moments on set. It was so nerve-wracking as the entire crew, medics, and nation's fire team watched on in fear and nail biting anticipation. She went all in, head on and made the team so proud, and she was ok, minor cuts, but no problem for her, thank goodness! A true professional and a complete joy to have on set. we are so thankful Cody was our stunt-girl on Nation's Fire.


Tommy Goodwin

Tommy Goodwin was born and raised in Little Rock, AR before his family moved to Memphis, TN and finally established roots in Texas where he spent his days cultivating a love for all things fast - motorcycles, horses and cars. After years of motocross racing he focused in on rodeo where he spent 20+ years in the prestigious Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA). His childhood love of travel and adventure continued as he traveled the US, Canada and Australia making new friends, competing and winning championship titles.

Like many pro-rodeo Cowboys before him, Tommy transitioned into the Motion Picture Industry as a Hollywood stuntman earning his ropes among some of Hollywood's elite. He is best known for his work in films such as Hostiles (2017), Sully (2016) and Dallas Buyer's Club (2013).

Of the work he has had the privilege to participate in: fire burns, precision driving, motorcycles, wire-work, etc., it's the creativity and camaraderie with amazing people he appreciates the most.

The Productions take on Tommy: Wow, Wow, wow! This man is unbreakable! He is unbelievably tough and athletic. He is an entire show in himself, as we could sit and watch him perform all day. Tommy Goodwin is the real deal above and beyond. What he did for this production is priceless. We want Tommy Goodwin for every Action Film we do.


Tiger Lillie Rudge
Stunt Coordinator , Horse-master

Tiger is the first and only female in “The Stunt Alliance” She's fast becoming the go to female name for all things action!!!  Tiger looks forward to a great future working with Director Thomas Churchill and his talented team.

The Productions take on Tiger: If you have tiger on your team for your action sequences, your production value just increased.  She is amazing!