The Men of Reino De La Furia

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     Bruce Dern as C.W. Nation

The Patriarch of Nation's Fire

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Dern has starred in over 100 films in his career, including: "Monster," "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte," "Silent Running," "Smile," "Middle Age Crazy," "That Championship Season," "Tattoo," "The 'Burbs," "The Haunting," "All the Pretty Horses," "Masked and Anonymous," "Down in the Valley," "Astronaut Farmer," "The Cake Eaters," "Black Sunday," "Madison," "Diggstown," "Twixt" and "Last Man Standing."

In 2015, Dern reteamed with his "Django Unchained" director Quentin Tarantino in the ambitious & critically-acclaimed "The Hateful Eight", Then again 2019 for "Once Upon a Time in hollywood"  In 2013, Dern earned his second Academy Award nomination for his heralded role in Alexander Payne's "Nebraska." That role also garnered him a Best Actor Award from the Cannes Film Festival and the National Board of Review. He was also nominated for a BAFTA, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award and Screen Actors Guild Award. Dern was also nominated for an Emmy in 2011 for his portrayal of polygamist patriarch Frank Harlow in HBO's hit drama "Big Love."

Dern has received several Lifetime Achievement Awards from various film festivals. In 2010, Dern received the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame star along with his ex-wife Diane Ladd & daughter Laura Dern, the only family in history to receive their Stars in one ceremony.

The Production's take on Bruce Dern; brilliance. he is An Icon.



 He is an actor and writer, known for Stiletto (2008), The Scorpion King (2002) and Vigilante Diaries (2016).

The production's take on Paul Sloan: He is an incredible actor & action star! Complete professional in every sense of the word. He is commanding on screen, brilliant with his performance and kicks ass, like a machine with graceful speed, while never missing a beat. He is amazing to watch as he owns the show!

Rusty Coones as Rascal


Rascal played by Rusty Coones is an actor Also known for Sons of Anarchy (2008),  and Riptide.


The Production's take on Rusty: Rusty Coones is so perfect in his role as the 6'5" rascal. When he is on screen he commands attention, whether he is sitting down smiling in normal conversation or throwing someone across the room in a rage filled action sequence, he's got the audience's attention. He has some of the most memorable moments on screen in Nation's Fire.


Frank Drank AS BEAR


Born in Riverside, California, Frank Drank has numerous credits in film and television. Frank is known for being able to transform from a scary bad-ass to a lovable, funny teddy bear. Some notable credits are "Major Crimes," "Bones," "The Campaign," "Maron," a leading role in the kids' caper franchise "Mickey Matson," and numerous sketches for "Conan." Frank actively raises money for the City Of Hope in honor of his friend and fellow musician Dennis "D'Roc" Miles who fought a long battle with lymphoma. He also works with "Gumbo," a Riverside area charity that goes out on the streets to feed and clothe the homeless.

The Production's Take on Frank: Clearly this man is a true hero. His performance in nation's fire gives his audience goosebumps. his character is a part of so many twists and turns in this plot and he never ceases to amaze!  Professional , kind and strong in every sense of the word.

Mike Marino as Captain Sharktooth

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Mike Marino is an actor and producer, known for Check Point (2017), The Emerging Past Director's Cut (2017) and Lazarus: Apocalypse (2014).

The Production's Take on Mike marino:  This man can carry a film. He is so talented, enthusiastic on set and with his incredible work. One of the fan favorites of Nation's Fire. He will Make you smile, He will make you cry, he will make you remember him. incredible actor.  incredible person. 

Gino Cafarelli as Tripod


Gino Cafarelli Started his professional career in 2000 as Co-Producer on the film "Chooch," which he acted in as well. Gino would soon find himself cast as Vinny Pitts in an episode of "The Sopranos." The episode was directed by Oscar nominee Mike Figgis.

2005 would bring Gino a cameo role as Joe Pesci's bodyguard in "The Good Shepherd." Cafarelli was handpicked by Robert DeNiro for the part. 2005 also brought Artie Lange's "Beer League," "The Wedding Bros.," and Lbs..

While residing in Los Angeles, Gino posted his very first reel to YouTube, and was subsequently discovered by Robert Siegel - writer of the Oscar nominated film "The Wrestler." Siegel offered Gino the supporting lead role of "Jeff Aufiero." A fast talking attorney opposite actor/comedian Patton Oswalt. Siegel's new film "Big Fan" ,which he & the film received critical acclaim, and premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in U.S. Dramatic Competition , the film was later nominated for Best Picture at the Gotham Awards.

TV Credits include "Boardwalk Empire", "Nurse Jackie","Blue Bloods",and ABC's "Castle". Gino is developing a few feature films, one that includes a throwback to Queens, NY via 1987.

The Production's Take on Gino:  Here is an actor who pulls his audience right in. His fight scenes, forget about it, 

he delivered the most exciting fight that makes you stand out of your chair. his performance as tripod, we cannot say enough compliments about him. Actors like Gino are a godsend to every set. 


David Castro as the Leader of Reino De La Furia: Alfonso

David Castro (David Everhart Castro) is an American actor of German, Irish and El Salvadorean descent. He has worked extensively in theatre, television and film. His father, Charles Dale Everhart was a celebrated naval officer of 30 years and later was 15 years with the CIA. He is buried at Arlington Cemetary. His mother, a native of El Salvador, was Miss Central America inluding Columbia in the early fifties.

One of his favorite roles was playing Jesus in the national tour of the female version of THE ODD COUPLE, by Neil Simon. The show starred Barbara Eden, Larry Thomas and the late Shirley Prestia and Elisabeth Alley. The tour played 148 perfomances in over 50 cities, to extremely well reviews throughout.

In film he has had the opportunity to return to his mothers homeland El Salvador to play Fern in RELENTLESS, an unforgettable experience with director Lance Tracey and the wonderful Lauren Shaw.

Mr Castro owes his dedication to the arts to his Aunt Jane Glodek, a painter, and his cousin Roxana, also a painter. In recent years most of his work has been in the independent film world, but he greatly looks forward to his return to the theatre and working in front of a live audience once again.

The Production's Take on David:  How many times can I repeat the words unbelievable talent to describe David? That is what he is. He killed it in his role of alfonso.  He is so kind, professional and another blessing for any production. People are blown away by his performance in nation's fire. Thank you David!

chuck liddell headshot.jpg

Chuck Liddell was born on December 17, 1969 in Santa Barbara, California, USA as Charles David Liddell. He is an actor and producer, known for Kick-Ass 2 (2013), How High (2001) and Altitude (2017).

Though he is now retired from fighting, his nickname was the Iceman. During his fighting days, he trained out of John Hackleman's The Pit and fought for the UFC in their light heavyweight division.

Chuck Liddell was about two things throughout his MMA career: stuffing takedowns and knocking people out. He had world-class power in both hands and some of the best takedown defense that the 205 pound division has ever witnessed.

The Productions take on chuck: A professional in every sense of the word. He works well with women as we are not afraid to discuss the are a little shy talking to chuck, they do not want to take a chance of getting into an argument with him! the truth is that he is  a complete breath of fresh air to have on any set, he is so respectful, professional and focused on his work as an actor. He steps in prepared, in character and ready to go.  He played his role of vito perfectly. Quite the talent, we were so happy to work with chuck as he brought so much Raw emotion and edge to Nation's Fire!