The Nation's Fire team is so talented, we had to dedicate a brilliance behind the flame  page to showcase the body of work of the artists who brought this production to life.

This here is not only a kick-ass Group of undeniable talent, each of them is a powerhouse in the most  trying industry in the world. Their performances pull you in while their professionalism is unparalleled. 

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Gil Bellows  is an actor and producer, known for Patriot (2015), The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and Love and a .45 (1994). In The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Gil Bellows plays Tommy (short for Thomas) Williams. In the series Ally McBeal (1997), he plays a character called Billy (short for William) Thomas.

The production's take on Gil: 

When Gil performs the entire crew becomes an audience in awe. He is amazing. 


Massimo Dobrovic is an International Professional Actor based in Los Angeles, CA. He is academically trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He speaks 5 languages fluently and acts in all these languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian). He spent most of his life in Rome (Italy), his hometown,residing in the popular neighborhood Garbatella-Ostiense, which became largely known with the Woody Allen movie " To Rome with Love".  His rich cultural background gives him the possibility to extend from Italian and Latin roles all the way to Eastern European and Russian characters. He does an enormous amount of accents and dialects, from Italian, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian, Polish, etc...He also does a Standard American Accent and a Standard British Accent. He began acting at an extremely young age in theaters and then he moved onto Television and Film. Massimo has an extensive acting-career in Europe and United States. In the U.S he is pursuing a variety of roles in movies and television. He is known for making uncommon and incredible strong choices in his acting bringing his characters alive with a unique and energy-twist method.His mentors are: Donna Pescow, Karen Hensel, Betty Karlen, Timothy Landfield, Judith Bohanon, Brian Reise, Bob Corff, Bernard Hiller, Brenda Beck, John Griffiths and many others. Massimo's passions are also: Tennis, Cooking, Painting,Volleyball, Fishing, Fencing, Beach-Volley, Stage Combat, Martial Arts, Yoga, Dancing and many more.

The Production's take on Massimo: He is joyous and smiling, you see that he is in his happy place on set, its wonderful to see. Then "Action" is called and he transitions right into his brutal and scary character, "Mr. Degaines". Brilliance.


Left: Marisa Parks (Production team), Steve Goldenberg (Production Accountant) , Edith Raya (Wardrobe/Costume designer)


Marisa Parks worked on the production team for Nation's Fire as well as Xenophobia, Rack Pack, Check Point, and Lazarus: Apocalypse. She is a powerhouse who can multi-task beyond belief all while delivering a smile that lights up a room!  Marisa is an incredible singer and songwriter, check her out at 

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Karlee Perez as Jazz: Karlee is known for  World Wrestling Entertainment's Diva "Maxine" After years of hard work, she soon made it to the mainstream shows where she was traveling the world internationally, and filming all year long in front of packed Arenas that hold up to 100,000 fans and more. After developing a loyal fan base and gaining the confidence and love for entertainment, she decided to invest all her time in pursuing her dreams in acting. She left World Wrestling Entertainment to start another journey.

(present time) Karlee is starring as a lead on the new Emmy nominated television series "Lucha Underground", Produced by Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett. She plays the dominating conniving seductress Known as "Catrina".

In addition to "Lucha Underground," Karlee's acting career is growing rapidly as she is getting noticed more and more each day. Her persona reminds you of a modern day Sophia Loren with a twist of Michelle Rodriguez. With her physical background and diverse look Karlee has a bright career in front of her.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Carolynn Smith

The Production's take on Karlee: She is a powerful force on screen.  Talented, strong beautiful and a true professional.

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J. Anthony Pena (Left)- Officer Pena in Nation's Fire. He is an actor, known for The Oath (2018), Lucifer (2015) and How to Get Away with Murder. He recently had a top of show recurring role as “Carl” for 2 seasons of Sony/Crackle THE OATH and on an episode of MAYANS M.C..  His character is “Dolla”, a Tempe Arizona Mayan

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Barry Papick is an accomplished Actor, Acting Coach and Teacher. As an Actor, Mr. Papick has been in over 20 Feature Films, 20 stage plays and many episodic television shows including “Swans Crossing,” where he was a series regular. Barry has recently been seen in “Fear, Inc.” which premiered in the Scream Film Festival and “Lake Effects” on The Hallmark Channel. He guest starred on many episodics including, “Shameless” on Showtime and “Without A Trace” on CBS. He can be seen in Howard Stern’s “Private Parts,” Gus VanSant’s “Finding Forrester” and Andrew Niccol’s “Simone.” He has wrapped the feature film “Nation’s Fire” and the Dwayne Johnson produced “Lifeline” for YouTube Red. He is also a principal in “The Mason Twins” for NBC. Presently Mr. Papick is filming “Black Dossier,” an independent TV Pilot.

The Productions take on Barry: The real deal, Need we say more! Just look at his resume. He is phenomenal, professional and a complete natural. We are so thankful for Barry's role as the schoolteacher in nation's fire!

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Rafiq Batcha is an LA-based South Asian actor known for his work in How to Get Away With Murder (ABC), 9-1-1 (Fox), The Brave (NBC), Halt and Catch Fire (AMC), Game of Silence (NBC), Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) and The Quad (BET). He was also the lead in Mumbhai Connection, a Bollywood feature that he co-wrote and released theatrically in India.

Rafiq has extensive training and theater experience, as well as life experiences across the globe. He brings an authentic and cerebral, sometimes raw, diversity to projects that reflect the reality of the cosmopolitan world today.


See more at"

The Productions take on Rafiq: BRILLIANT does not begin to describe him as an actor. The production team spent a whole day talking about the great performance he gave! He is awesome to watch perform, he's a true professional and a pleasure to work with on set. 

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Larry L Andrews is an actor and producer, known for Nation's Fire (2019), Sillent Assassin: The L Is Silent and Syndicate Smasher (2017)

Instagram: alarryandrews

Twitter @alarryandrews

The Productions take on Larry: We appreciate Larry as we recognize how much he came through for the production. He really went out of his way to deliver as a producer and as talent, this man is a true professional!

Director, Producer and Special F/X Artist, Joe Castro, born in San Antonio TX, began his career at age 15 when he was hired to create special effects make up for a PBS affiliate and graduated to writing and directing his own feature films, in the 80's, when his parents invested in his career and bought him a portable VHS camera.  In 1985, Joe won the National special effects make-up contest in Monsterland magazine. In 1989, Joe moved to Los Angeles, Ca to continue his career in filmmaking. In 1993, Joe produced and directed his first feature film, CEREMONY, shot on 35mm Panavision. The film was an Apocalyptic horror thriller. This film won a Silver award at the Worldfest Charleston Film Festival.  In 2001, Joe Produced, Directed and created the special f/x for the wildly successful cult film, Terror Toons. This film spawned four sequels.

In 1994 Lionsgate distributed Joe's 7th feature titled The Jackhammer Massacre. 

In 2011, Joe released his multi-award winning film, The Summer of Massacre, which won him the Guinness Book of World Records for "highest body count in a slasher film." Altogether, Joe has won over 46 awards in producing, directing, and creating special effects. Since teaming with his partner, Steven Escobar, Castro has Produced, Written & Directed 17 feature


The Production's take on Joe, he is so happy to be on set, he lights up like a kid at Christmas when he works! It is the most amazing thing to see. His work is incredible, a true talent.


Alexis Iacano is the associate Producer for Nations fire

Growing up Bayside, Queens, New York, Alexis' artistic sensibilities have been shaped by a world-class theatre and arts community. Her early stage work included playing Elle in The Meadowlark, portraying Fay Wray (King Kong) She has studied at New York City's HB Studio and the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Alexis Iacono has been brought to the attention of mainstream audiences worldwide for her Female Goblin voice character in the 2011 World of Warcraft Cataclysm video game and World of Warcraft Legion (2016) . Also known for her multiple characters voices in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned. After being cast as Jane Prescott in Peilin Kuo's 1940's black and white short film, Prescott Place (2011 Cannes Short Film Corner)and(Won the Spring 2012 Asian on Film Honorable Mention.)She was cast alongside Sid Haig and Jeffrey Combs in Leigh Scott's Horror Anthology: The Penny Dreadful Picture Show - The Slaughter House (2012) Alexis's past works includes portraying Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia in The Black Dahlia Haunting (2013) and Blue Caprice (2013),a true story about the sniper shootings in D.C. Directed by Alexandre Moors, starring Isiah Washington. Alexis now an independent film producer who has produced features such as, The Pipeline feature film starring Barry Corbin and Wes Studi and Brian Howe. She went on producing the documentary Layin' the Pipe." Soon after, she went on to produce Escape From Ensenada with Noel G (Fast and the Furious), Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and was soon after hired as an Associate Producer in Thomas Churchill's Nations Fire (2018) starring Bruce Dern and Gil Bellows. Alexis was a production assistant at AFX Studio for 'America Horror Story Season 6', Jamie Lee Curtis's 'Scream Queens' and now a production assistant for Steve Wang at Alliance Studio.

   The Production's Take on Alexis: She went above and beyond for this production. She had many tasks she juggled effortlessy at once and you would never know it as she was always on point, generous and happy . She is a magical piece of the puzzle to the success of this production! also, we can't help but state that her radiating beauty should have her on screen too!