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Kristen Renton as Rita: Kristen has been following her passion as an actress from the early age of 17 when she was cast in The Sausage Factory, a wonderfully quirky series for MTV. Kristen most recently had a recurring role as "Ima" on the critically acclaimed FX series, Sons Of Anarchy; a hard-edged drama that revolves around the fictitious motorcycle gang, SAMCRO. 

Her extensive TV background includes playing the Southern Belle "Morgan Hollingsworth" on NBC's popular daytime drama series, Days of Our Lives, as well as many memorable guest appearances on hit TV shows including, CSI:MIAMI, The OC, and CSI:NY. Kristen has recently worked on several projects including The Glades on A&E, a hilarious pilot for CBS called Friend Me, as well as a terrifying short Girl at the Door directed by Academy Award Nominee Colin Campbell. She recently won "Best Actress" at the Claremont Film Festival for her short "Love In Our Time" which she co-produced. Kristen was able to show her comedic side while recurring as Charlie Sheen's love interest in Anger Management, and is looking forward to the release of her most recent film, Battle Scars, which portrays the often dark reality service men and woman face adjusting to home life after returning from war, which won the "Festival Founders Choice Award for Feature Film" at the 2015 GI Film Festival.

The Production's take on Kristen: She is an incredible actress prepared to tackle anything that comes her way. she is a leader as rita in nation's fire. she captures the screen and her audience. she gave such a powerful performance in nation's fire. She is beautiful, kind, professional and just fun to chill with, one cool lady!

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“Lexi- played by Eva Ceja recently filmed a lead in a horror thriller film directed by the talented Thomas Churchill. She can been seen on such shows as CBS’s SWAT, CWs Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and the movie Newness starring Nicholas Hoult and Danny Huston on Netflix. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram @evaceja

The Production's take on Eva:  Eva's capabilities as an actress are as diverse as they come. Just watch her reel, she is awesome! She steps on set and she is her character, you don't see her as anyone else. Every moment on set with her is pure professionalism and she is always ready to go.  She killed it in her role as the tough biker woman Lexi-  She is beautiful, Talented, funny, and witty as ever! We are so grateful she is Lexi in nation's Fire!

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Kelly Lynn Reiter as J-Girl: What makes a small town girl leave the safety of home and everything she knows and loves to come to Los Angeles? The same crazed possession that makes her smile non-stop on 15 hour sets, day after day. Acting is clearly her first love, with singing, playing guitar, fighting, improv and stand-up coming in at second place. She started singing professionally at 6, modeling at 11, and acting at 13. With limited acting options available in North Carolina, she pushed into college early, majoring in bio-medical engineering at UNC, Chapel Hill. Sometimes what's logical just can't compete with what's magical though...so Kelly headed off to Los Angeles at 18 and is determined to spend her life doing what she loves...her credits include a balance of drama, horror, thriller and comedy...all of which were her "favorite."

The Production's take on Kelly:  Look out hollywood, This woman is a triple, Quadruple talent!  She is so passionate about her work and it shows! She is a joy on set, no matter how chaotic, she is focused, professional, beautiful and tough! Kelly has the most beautiful singing voice and she even wrote and produced a song for the Nation's Fire soundtrack. her voice will bring tears to your eyes. we are so thankful kelly is on our nation's fire team!

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Laurene Landon as Myra: Born as Laurene Landon Coughlin in Toronto, Canada, Landon's family moved to the United States when she was four. The 5'9" Landon starred as "Molly", one of two female wrestlers, who are managed by 'Peter Falk', in Robert Aldrich's uproariously raucous comedy, ...All the Marbles (1981). The fiercely athletic and aggressive Landon also performed a lion's share of her own stunts in the film. Landon was very funny as a daffy stewardess in Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) and was excellent as Mike Hammer's loyal secretary "Velda" in I, the Jury (1982). Laurene was especially strong and impressive in two delightful action/adventure features for director Matt Cimber: she's the titular rugged warrior woman in Hundra (1983) and a gutsy half-Native American spitfire in Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold (1984). Landon was once again, on the money, effective and engaging as courageous policewoman "Teresa Mallory" in the terrific Maniac Cop (1988) and its superior 1990 sequel, Maniac Cop 2 (1990). After a regrettably lengthy absence from acting, Laurene made a return to screen with a sizable co-starring part in the Masters of Horror (2005) episode, Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up (2006), Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance opposite Tommy Wiseau (The Disaster Artist, The Room), Sky opposite Norman Reedus, Diane Kruger, Lou Diamond Phillips and Lena Dunham, Day Out of Days opposite Melanie Griffith and Eddie Izzard, and the upcoming Nation's Fire opposite Bruce Dern and Gil Bellows.

The Production's take on Laurene: She's too beautiful and ageless to be anyones mama!  More Importantly her acting is award-worthy in every sense of the word. When Laurene performs, you stop what you are doing and take notice! Not only is she a tall modelesque beauty, she is the kindest soul you will ever meet!  Laurene played Bruce Dern's wife Myra in nation's fire, she went toe to toe with one of hollywood's greatest and the performance was so powerful, the crew was wiping their eyes. brilliance. 

Krista Grotte Saxon as Gloria Nation, the daughter of Patriarch C.W. Nation played by Bruce Dern and Myra played by Laurene Landon.

Krista is an award winning Actress with two decades in the industry, she is an Internationally published Fitness Model and Executive Producer, Principal owner of Teknocentric, a software development and film production company. The feature film Nations Fire (2019) is the breakout movie Executive Produced by Krista G. Saxon and Robert Ori of Teknocentric. She has earned best Actress through the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association's prestigious Crystal Reel Awards as well as Best Actress through the Full Moon Horror Festival for her role in Emerging Past. 


The production's take on Krista: Well, Im not going to write about myself, but I do know one thing, I was surrounded by the best team of Actors and crew a girl could ask for!